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“I have attended lots of dementia training – and I can honestly say that this is the best trainer I have ever had!”

After attending one of our training sessions for care-home staff you will really understand about dementia – you will see everything differently and look at those you care for with new eyes.We don’t teach tactics and tricks – we don’t talk about ‘distraction’ and ‘diversion’. Our trainers help you to understand what is happening in the mind of someone with dementia – to realise how they are thinking and how best to approach them and understand them.

When carers have attended our training for care-home staff they think, believe and act differently. They care for others in a different way. The result is a happier home, a calmer more uplifting environment, and settled and contented residents. ‘Challenging behaviour’ becomes a thing of the past.

Our training pays for itself in reduced staff stress, lower rates of medication and relatives who feel less guilt and enjoy a better relationship with their loved-one.

Try one of our ‘taster’ training sessions or book your staff on a course to realise what training with a difference by the Adapt Dementia method can do for your residential home.

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