Holistic Support

Dementia takes many years to develop. We don’t know why it affects some people and not others. Some specialists think that there is not just one cause but that dementia arises as a result of failure in our metabolism. If we tackle dementia from a holistic (whole person) point of view we can strengthen the metabolism.

Our holistic support programme looks at the whole person and reviews diet, physical problems, fitness, confidence and mental stimulation. In this way we give hope to those who wish to help themselves to fight the symptoms.

Confidential service

If you are caring for someone who has dementia you will need support. Our support advisers give a personal service tailored to your specific needs. In addition to support sessions which can be given in the privacy of your own home or at a place of your choice you have access to personal support via an email link.

Our support is completely confidential. We do not contact your doctor or your family unless you wish us to do so. Our counsellors are professionally trained and our support advisers have personal experience of caring for someone with dementia as well as extensive training.

The Holistic Support programme is individually designed and planned and the therapy is delivered by our trained support workers and supervised personally by Mary or Karen.

To enquire about personal holistic support including personalised cognitive stimulation therapy please contact us.